Details of the Journey


Six 2-Hour Real-Time Online Sessions

In this first session, we welcome everyone to the program and provide an orientation to our online space, including agreements and protocols that will support our time together.

We will take time to introduce ourselves to each other as we begin building the energy of our community. Using the technology that underpins our community engagement and learning, we'll step onto the path of inquiry into our Elderhood together. 

We will explore the stage of elderhood called Active Wisdom, first spoken about by Mary Catherine Bateson in her Book "Composing a Further Life", and how this resonates with this time in our lives. 

An ancient tradition is holding our inquiry in connection with the wisdom of the Earth. We believe this wisdom offers rich and relevant guidance for exploring the territory of Elderhood.

My Wellbeing explores how caring for my own health and happiness nourishes my capacity as an Elder to be of service to the people, the projects, and the communities I love. 

Healthy longevity is a wonderful consequence of many aspects of progress in the last 150 years in areas like sanitation, medicine, and nutrition.  We are now living an average of 30 years longer and have access to a lot more support for much healthier lives.  

In this session, we use ‘The Wheel of Wellbeing’ to discover what is needed to maintain the territories of our lives, and achieve more wholeness and balance in a way that sustains our activities with vigor and resilience.

My Development is the doorway to adventures that enable us to respond to the opportunities and challenges of flowering into our Elderhood with openness and trust. 

We never stop learning and with more time and resources available to us, stepping into an exploration of what expands our openness to adventure, expands our potential and leads to more joy and more fun.

In this session, we use ‘The Wheel of a Life Well Lived’ to reflect on our life experience so far and reveal the wisdom that is ours. We touch the learning edge of our development to bring more resonance and alignment with our life purpose.

My Vocation explores how our passions, gifts, and contributions deepen our understanding of what is important to us as Elders and how to bring our dreams into manifestation.

We experience the joy of playing with others whose experiences are unlike our own to offer new windows into mutually rewarding and sustainable ways of fostering our individual and collective intentions. 

In this session, we sense into what is ours to do out in the world in a way that stems from our deepest passion as an Elder, and we strategize ways to give back to life in purposeful and joyful co-creation.

My Freedom awakens us to our audacious self that can presence new beginnings, new horizons, and new expression with ease and grace. 

We explore how freedom of expression can be a wonderful playground as we step into our time of being an Elder. Imagining the future within this stage of Active Wisdom can sustain us and deepen our understanding of our unique evolutionary purpose.

In this session, we explore how Love and the light of the Divine, flows from our ancestry through us to those that we care about.

This is often called seven generations thinking and opens up the narrative or story of our lives as the fulcrum for our creativity, our love of living and our legacy.

Every completion holds the promise of a new beginning.
In our final session we will honor our journey and savor what we have experienced together as a community of Elders.

Gathering a harvest of the gems of our learning, we will set intentions that will call us to the actions we wish to take in order to expand more fully into our Elderhood.

Exploring the nature of co-creation, we'll open up ways to sustain and grow our Active Wisdom during this vital and rewarding time in our lives.



Each 2-Hour session will include personal reflection, small group work, community time and new content to explore.  


Each session will include a “Live With” - something specific to explore as a direct application of what you are learning within your own context and situation.  



Designed to extend the learning ecology of this course and have a safe place to share our experiences and questions with each other outside the sessions.



This kind of inquiry is best undertaken with skilled companions. Our team will travel with you for the entire journey, offering their support and wisdom to assist you as you zero-in on your own Elderhood.

September 15th and 29th || October 13th and 27th ||November 10th and 24th 

10am - 12pm PST | 1 - 3pm EST | 18.00 - 20.00 GMT | 19.00 - 21.00 CET

All-Inclusive Fee: $498

NOTE: All sessions will be recorded and made available on our site, along with other resources within 48 hours, so that if you have to miss a session, you can catch up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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