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Our Context

Welcome to our Active Wisdom Inquiry : Shared Perspectives on Elderhood blog.  This particular adventure began in the shared joy of being grandparents and expanded into conversations about this time in our lives.  We recognised that we were experiencing a degree of discomfort in finding our pathway to making the most of our elder years.  And many others we were in conversation with felt the same. 

It became clear that there was a need for Elders to be in the service of a graceful transition to a world that truly works for all of life.  We wanted to play our part in this and be in supportive relationships with others who wish to do the same.

Our Content

Our quest is to explore this stage Elderhood and gather insights, current research, lived experiences and the wisdom in action of people who are responding to the opportunities and challenges of being an Elder in the 21st Century. We wish to do this in ways that both nourish and energize us, and more importantly, lead us to make different choices in how we most of our later years.

In this blog there will be a series of video interviews conducted by Ann Roberts where she explores Active Wisdom from diverse viewpoints, we gather new thinking and writings on aspects of elderhood and share our own take on what us unfolding.

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