Love as Allurement

elders and youngers Feb 24, 2020

by Ann Roberts 

This morning, with a cup of tea in hand, I was sitting contemplating what I might do with the day when my eyes glanced over to my bookshelf.

Books are a joy to me!  I take such pleasure in the commitment of the author to share their insight with me. It feels such personal connection in the way that they have reached out to share their wisdom to make a difference to my life. I celebrate the diligence that they have shown to bring the book into being, and appreciate the people that helped them.

I like to savour the acknowledgments page, where the author says thank you to the people that supported them. It is a window into their lives and the co-creative process that brought the book into manifestation.

My eyes rested on a book called The Universe is a Green Dragonby Brian Swimme. I am deeply touched by the way he weaves his  understanding of the physical nature of the Universe with its spirituality. He presents complex ideas in a simple way, and the joy he brings to what he is sharing I find really infectious.

The Universe is a Green Dragon is a conversation between a youth and a elder about the Cosmic Creation Story. It is a wonderful example of love flowing across the generations where the youth is asking lots of questions and the elder is responding in a way that invites more questions. Never quite giving an answer.  The dance between them is such fun to follow and, at the same time, the reader is taken into the magic, the mystery and the beauty of our Universe.

I took the book down from the shelf and sat with it closed on my lap for a couple of minutes. I then said to myself “Ok, what is the message here for me today?”. I often do this when I am feeling challenged or sometimes I do it just because it feels like a good thing to do. I find the message offers me new ways of looking into my life and helps me to see deeply into what is happening.

So I just let the book fall open and let my eye flow over the revealed page and, to my delight, it was all about love.  The elder states;

“At the heart of this Creation Story is Love”.  

Not human love, but a primordial quality that enables the Universe to ‘be’ the creative force that it is.

The youth asks;

“What is love?”.

The elder replies;

“Love begins as allurement – as attraction”

And so begins the exploration of

  • the ‘love’ galaxies have for each other,
  • the ‘love’ of a bee to a flower,
  • the ‘love’ a human has for a beautiful piece of music,
  • the ‘love’ that one oxygen atom has for two hydrogen atoms that gave us water.
  • and of course the love we  can experience for another human being.

As I was reading this I could feel my heart expanding.   So, as I sit here on a misty morning writing my Elderhood blog I am reflecting on how I can tap into this allurement.

Not just with my immediate family, but with everyone and everything I encounter. I wonder what the quality of my connection with them will be like if a touch into this quality of allurement between us.

I am imagining it will be fun.

I like to finish off each Blog with questions that are lovingly sent out into the world to see if there is an allurement in my words that lead to connections with others:

  • Have I looked up at the sky today to connect with the love of the Universe?
  • Am I looking at life through the lens of love today? If so, what am I learning? If not, what is needed?
  • How can I sense into this allurement to see what is calling me to be of service to people, projects and communities 

If my musings have touched you today please post in the section below.



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