Becoming a Tech Savvy Elder

elderhood development May 08, 2020

I came across this workout about a year ago, and David and I have woven it into our time at the gym. Here is a link to the work out.

We both agree we feel great afterward. It is a reasonably high-intensity regime that encourages your body to release Nitric Oxide, which apparently has excellent health side effects.

I have recently been challenging myself to become much more tech-savvy. I have trained to be a tech host on the Zoom platform, I have taught myself how to edit videos using iMovie, and most recently, I have learned how to create slide show videos using Canva.

This video above is my very first effort. I am pleased with the result, and a big thank you to Firehawk for teaching me how to find and place music alongside the slides.

I am now moving on to my next techie adventure.


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