Pioneering Nature of Active Wisdom

active wisdom research Jan 10, 2020

Sue Brightman interviewed me as part of her research project ‘100 women in a 100 days’, the findings of which will be in her soon to be published book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50. It was this meeting with Sue that led to my own research into how the baby boomer generation is responding to the call to make the most of our later years.

In this conversation, Sue and I explore her findings and what we perceive as being revealed in this emerging stage in the human life cycle. We celebrate the pioneering nature of Active Wisdom and our delight in recognizing what it offers in terms of personal and cultural development. We were also curious about the adult development stages that are within this life cycle stage and where the next rounds of research might be centred.

We had fun sharing our personal journeys into the stages we are inhabiting, and what we want to do with the insight we are gaining. We hope you will join in.

Sue Brightman is an author and executive/personal coach and retreat leader for women over 50, where she calls upon her business experience and training in spiritual traditions. In addition to 28 years as a corporate Conscious Business consultant, she has led numerous women’s circles and retreats to help women find new levels of happiness, purpose, and fullfilment.


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