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Musings on finding our way to our own Elderhood

This September, we began a 12-week journey of inquiry into this Active Wisdom time of our lives.
You can still take a peek at the structure of the journey by clicking the button below.
The next iteration of this work will begin in early 2020.

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When an Elder passes a Library is lost.

The above title is a quote from one of the participants on our 'Active Wisdom: An Inquiry into our Elderhood' on-line program.  As I was reading her post in our community learning space, the phrase in the title above really resonated within me. 

I paused at that moment to reflect on why...

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Spiritual Eldering

firehawk's posts Jul 23, 2019

In this brief video Rabbi Zalman Schachter speaks about the need for Elders to have done the work of "harvesting a life". How do we do this? One of the things I love about working with medicine wheels, which I call "maps of wholeness", is that they provide a light scaffolding for exploring...

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