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We see a world where the flame of Elderhood is rekindled through re-connection with the Wisdom of Earth. We see a world where the gifts of each Elder are valued and give back to their community in ways that are enlivening and deeply fulfilling for all.


Our aim is to create communities of sacred practice that awaken, release and harness the passion, talents and commitment of the baby-boomer generation to make a difference in the world in service of the people that they care about.

Your Guides

After a 30 years career in organisational, team and personal development I ‘retired’ from Police Scotland in 2015 from my role as a Leadership Development Consultant. As I prepared to leave, I realised  there was more I wanted to achieve, and so the following September I undertook a Masters in Applied Social Research at Stirling University. My aim was to enhance my research and writing skills. I enjoyed the experience,  particularly being with young people who helped me find my way in 21st Century academia.

At that time, David and I  had three frail parents in their 90’s, adult children in their 20's/30's as well as a growing number of grandchildren. It was challenging to combine supporting different generations with my interest in how the ‘baby boomer’ generation continue to develop during their later years. Mary Catherine Bateson’s book was pivotal in helping me understand this stage in my life and lead to my passion to share this learning with others.

In 1996 I encountered the Earth Wisdom Teachings, and over the years I have woven the tools and protocols  into many aspects of my leadership development consultancy. There is an eloquence to what they offer both individually and collectively. 

I live in a village just south of Edinburgh with my husband David PrairieDancer.

Born in the British Isles, I came to the US as a very young man – to study and to find my way in the world. I spent my early professional years immersed in theatre arts and large-scale communication projects, using multimedia, emerging computer graphics tools and in my burgeoning love of photography (which continues unabated to this day).

Meeting with my teachers over 25 years ago helped me to find something that I had been seeking (without consciously knowing it) my whole life; a real and practical connection to the wisdom and beauty of Mother Earth. The designs of the Medicine Wheels spoke to me of both very ancient memories as well as the new promise of coming to a healing of our separation from ourselves, from each other and from all of the rest of our more-than-human world.

My wife Pele and I have agreed to pass along this ancient lineage to those who are following behind, thereby keeping alive one of the threads of wisdom that help us to live on our home planet as wise stewards and true partners with Earth.

I am a father of two sons, stepfather of three daughters and one other son, and grandfather to ten grandchildren. My blended family is an example of the patience that is required to truly heal our old wounds by choosing listening and love in every situation.

Your Allies

I am an online host who is passionate about the natural world and using the language of art to communicate our essential connectedness with all life. The goal of my work is to create “hospitable space” online – environments that “call to the mystery” and connect us to our hearts, bodies, spirits, AND minds, to address whatever the task at hand may be.

My passion for this work comes from a deep appreciation of the natural world and its power to provide the ground for love and transformation. For many years my work has been dedicated to bringing the transformative power of beauty and our relationship with nature into the online experience. I was blessed to find the Earth Wisdom Teachings of the Ehama Institute about almost 20 years ago now. They have been a wonderful "grounding" for my love of the natural world and the recognition of my own role within it. 

In my work in large organisations as a Production Director, I was responsible for developing and implementing complex change strategies.  In that work I developed new approaches to combine delayering structures with team and personal development. As a scientist, I was intrigued that over the millennia, indigenous cultures knew about what was being revealed by Quantum Physics. When I found the Earth Wisdom Teachings in 1996, I knew I had found something extraordinary and I continue to be fascinated between the mix of idigenoue wisdom and management science.

After a serious illness, I embarked on a journey of personal responsibility for having a healthy lifestyle to help me get well again. The aspect of Active Wisdom that I am most passionate about is how we make the most of the gift of living longer.  I enjoy taking time to be out in the natural world which plays a significant part in my wellbeing, as does my stillness practices like meditation. Being part of this Active Wisdom community, where we learn together. is part of my wish to support myself and others, make the most of their later years.

I love being a grandfather and just being with the children is such a great gift in my life.  There are many challenges in our world today and safeguarding the earth for future generations is important to me.  

I joined the Active Wisdom Team to support bringing Earth-Based Wisdom into the world, as I believe this offers practical ways to support the changes in our world that are currently so needed.

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, the early years of my professional life had been quite conventional (although I don't want to diminish that time as it was a lot of fun and offered me great experiences). With a degree in Industrial Engineering I started to work at the University of Technology in Vienna as an Assistant Professor in the field of leadership and organizational theory. I did my Dissertation on planning methods in the consultancy business. Over  fifteen years I was in leadership positions in large international organisations and I trained in coaching, systemic constellation, Appreciative Inquiry and change management. I became self-employed in 2001, focusing my work on creativity, leadership and cultural change.

It was at the turn of the millennium that I first met my teachers from the Ehama Institute, who introduced me into an ancient body of wisdom that opened up a new world for me - a world of reconnection, to myself, to others and to the Earth. During my training with them I encountered profound insights, but also learned the power of ancient designs and tools that are more than adequate for personal and organisational development, based on a profound shift in consciousness.

Entering into the last cycle of my working life I am more than ever focusing on Earth Wisdom and its application in different areas of my life and work. Becoming aware that my own transition into elderhood is more than just aging, "Active Wisdom" has become of major significance in how I am living my life.

I am a husband, father of two children and grandfather of two grandchildren. I live in a village near Vienna and close to nature.



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