We see a world where the flame of Elderhood is rekindled through re-connection with the Wisdom of Earth. We see a world where the gifts of each Elder are valued and give back to their community in ways that are enlivening and deeply fulfilling for all.


Our aim is to create communities of sacred practice that awaken, release and harness the passion, talents and commitment of the baby-boomer generation to make a difference in the world in service of the people that they care about.


Ann Roberts

After she ‘retired’ from a 30 year career in management consultancy,  Ann StarSong went back to University to hone her skills as a social researcher.

At that time, she and her husband had three frail parents in their 90’s, adult children as well as a growing number of grandchildren. Looking back she can see the identity crisis she went through as she moved from being an ‘empty nester’ into a new time of complex caring

It was in 1996 that Ann first encountered the Earth Wisdom Teachings, and over the years she has woven the tools, protocols and practices into many aspects of her life and work.  There is an  eloquence to what theTeachings offer, both individually and collectively, that calls her to share this wisdom with others. 



Born in the British Isles, FireHawk spent his early adult years immersed in theatre and large scale communication projects, using multi-media.

He says that meeting his teachers 28 years ago helped him to find something he had been seeking (without consciously knowing it) his whole life; a real and practical re-connection to the wisdom of Mother Earth, in all her beauty and power.

He has been studying and teaching Earth Wisdom ways for the last 28 years and is dedicated to passing along this ancient lineage to those who're coming behind. 

His passion is keeping alive one of the many threads that are helping us to live together on our home planet as wise stewards and partners with Earth.

David Kell

In his work in large organizations David, Prairie Dancer was responsible for developing and implementing complex change strategies.  

When he found the Earth Wisdom Teachings in 1996, he knew he had found something extraordinary and he continues to be fascinated between the mix of indigenous wisdom and modern management science.

After a serious illness, he embarked on a journey of personal responsibility for having a healthy lifestyle. The aspect of Active Wisdom that he is most committed to is making the most of the gift of living longer.

He loves being a grandfather and he is passionate about safeguarding the Earth for future generations.  



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